Mediation is a very popular form of alternative dispute resolution in divorce cases. Linda has received extensive training in mediation and is fully qualified to serve as a mediating attorney for divorcing couples. As the mediating attorney, Linda is neutral and does not represent either party. Instead, she facilitates communication between the parties so as to reach a compromise or settlement of all issues in the divorce case. Mediation allows the parties to avoid going to court entirely. Once the parties arrive at a settlement through mediation, Linda will prepare the marital settlement agreement and all final judgment papers which will then be submitted to the court for processing. The parties never have to personally appear in court. Mediation has proven to be a very cost-effective approach to marital dissolution.

Linda also has years of experience serving as a consulting attorney for mediation. This is where the parties retain a neutral mediator but want to have their own consultant to assist and guide them through the process. In that capacity, Linda would advise the mediating client of his/her legal rights, any issues that should be addressed in the mediation, and generally assist the client in obtaining a fair resolution of the case.